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Cotton Shirt Manufacturer, Cotton Shirt Exporter, Cotton Shirt Supplier in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India - Call In France

CIF Exports, the brand owner of “Call in France” is one of the fast growing company and considered to be one of the Finest Quality Shirt Maker. All shirts are made from the finest fabrics, the making of shirt begins from the yarn stage so as to give quality products and value for money. The Pin to Piano …………from Yarn to Shirt, everything under one roof at CIF Exports.

Styled, cut and seven by the finest craftsman, woven from the exclusive soft yarn to give my valued customer all comfort and soft feel.

Every input goes into making a top quality “Call in France” shirt, is unique. From the mother of pearl buttons, to imported lining together with the best of fabrics make up a quality shirt that is known by “Call in France”.

The “Call in France” Quality Commitment

QUALITY is the only strength and the promoters are passionate about QUALITY. The word quality into all aspects of the company.

The company believes in delivering the best and does not make any compromise in terms of quality of fabric, stitching, buttons & lining.

We do not speak only but put the things practically. Each and every “Call in France” shirt is under replacement guarantee against any kind of dissatisfaction with fabric, stitching and color fastness.

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