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We are the quality Cotton Shirt manufacturer. We have 100 % Cotton Shirt in which imported inter lining is used in cuff, collar & plackets. Buttons are locked stiched. Few of the shirts are shown beolw:

Let be the Shiny Summer, Loving Winter or Charming Monsoon, “Call in France” Fresh Classic formal look made from the soft yarn is always on race. These solid and structured exclusive shirts come in an array of colors – White, Cream, Fawn, Blue, Pink, Peach, Strawberry, Lemon, Purple, Lavender and many more. Pick colours of your choice and recharge your tempo. Available in Oxford, Chambray, Fil-A-Fil, Pin Point…….in 2/80, 2/60, 45s….etc.

These shirts are also stylized with a choice of special collars – French cutaway or Shark, Spread Collars and Button downs - with special choice of cuffs to complete the fine quality look, a man would aspire to have.

Cuff with CIF logo to ensure the reliability and boost your confidence.

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