BC Timber Product Product Product Sales. BCTS’ objectives, goals and strategies that are key lay out in its yearly company plans.

BC Timber product product product Sales (BCTS) manages about 20 per cent for the province’s allowable annual cut for Crown timber, generating financial prosperity for British Columbians through the safe, sustainable development and auction of Crown timber. BCTS operates in 33 communities and directly supports over 8,000 jobs across B.C.

Information from our operations are acclimatized to assist figure out the marketplace worth for the timber harvested from general public land and ensures British Columbians receive reasonable value from their timber resources.

BCTS additionally supports government’s dedication to true, lasting reconciliation with First countries in B.C even as we move toward completely adopting and applying the un Declaration in the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as well as the telephone telephone telephone Calls to Action associated with Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

BCTS’ objectives, goals and strategies that are key put down in its yearly company plans. Efficiency resistant to the plans is reported quarterly and yearly.

Timber Sale Licences

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BCTS supplies a dependable way to obtain timber through competitive deals of timber product sales licences, making Crown timber open to loggers, lumber processors along with other forestry companies.


Along with auctioning timber sales licences, BCTS builds and keeps roads that are logging reforests harvested areas. Our tasks create financial success for several columbians that are british directly contribute over $150 million to rural economies every year.

Seedling Solutions

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BCTS manages the seed stock while the manufacturing, storage space and distribution of seedlings for the reforestation of Crown lands administered by BCTS. BCTS additionally provides seedlings to reforestation programs such as for instance woodlands for and projects funded through the Forest Carbon Initiative tomorrow.

In spring 2020, BCTS delivered its billionth tree seedling for government-funded planting initiatives. A year from a mix of over 20 different native tree species seed to help maintain ecosystem processes, resilience and diverse habitats on average, BCTS manages more than 90 million seedlings.


Employee safety is important and BCTS has a preventative approach to workplace accidents and accidents. As an associate of the B.C. Forest protection Council, BCTS endorses a tradition of security and it is focused on the security of most individuals impacted by its operations.

Native Relations

In 2018, BC Timber product Sales (BCTS) adopted a brand new overarching principle to guide our operations: reconciliation with Indigenous individuals.

Forest Official Certification

Official official official Certification of forestry activities is really a most readily useful training in woodland and sustainable resource administration. BCTS is focused on keeping a management that is environmental and adhering to third-party sustainable forest administration criteria.

BCTS Forest Official Official Certification

Company Region Ecological Management System (EMS) & Sustainable Forest Management (SFM)​

BCTS Sustainable Harvesting methods and Old development Management (PDF)

Forest Stewardship Plans

A woodland stewardship plan is legitimately needed beneath the Forest and Range techniques Act and offers a high-level breakdown of proposed forestry tasks . Forest stewardship plans are publicly designed for review and remark. BCTS advertises once the plan can be obtained and permits at the very least 60 times for feedback become gotten.

Climate Change Action

Sound woodland stewardship is highlighted in BCTS company axioms and priorities.


BCTS workers operate in a host where finding brand new methods to complex issues and continuous learning and development are motivated and supported. As well as a fantastic job, employed by BCTS is a chance to favorably impact B.C.’s economy, woodlands, communities and residents.

BC Timber product Sales is really a proud supporter for the native Forestry Scholarship Program, a partnership involving the very First Nations Forestry Council, BC Timber Sales, the native Relationship branch therefore the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy. Through the work that is 4-month portions associated with the system, BCTS staff provide private mentorship to pupils. This program is a exemplary chance for native visitors to enter the woodland sector with hands-on abilities in many different roles.

Native Forestry Scholarship Program

Councils & Committees

BCTS is attempting to continuously enhance and strengthen relationships with industry and contractors through the Timber product Sales Advisory Council as well as the BCTS Contractor Advisory Committee.

Guidance & Resources

Find out about BCTS performance and business objectives, policy and legislation girls date for free.