Goldstream Provincial Park. Attention Visitors – Crucial Notice!

Security Bulletins

Never attempt to get a get a cross the highway

There is absolutely no pedestrian access between the eastern and west edges of Goldstream Provincial Park, bisected by the Trans-Canada Highway.

Railway lines/trestles/tunnels are personal home

All railway lines and structures that are associatedtrestles and tunnels) are observed beyond your boundaries of Goldstream Provincial Park. Accessing they are considered trespassing on personal home and pose an important safety risk that is public.

Mount Finlayson Trail care

This path is high and tough; gown for the landscapes and climate; remain on the noticeable trail; allow adequate time for return in daylight. The summit may be accessed from Finlayson Arm path or the day-use area. Be careful whenever walking on Finlayson Arm path.

Concerning This Park

Awesome movie associated with brand new facilities in Goldstream Provincial Park.

Massive woods, majestic waterfalls, a meandering river that satisfies the ocean, plants, wild wild wild wild birds and fascinating seafood are just a few for the tourist attractions that draw individuals to Goldstream Provincial Park, merely a 16 kilometer from downtown Victoria on southern Vancouver Island.

It’s some sort of that appears far taken from the metropolitan adventures of British Columbia’s capital city, whether or not the visitor is really a hiker searching for motivation with this magnificent exemplory instance of the fantastic out-of-doors, or a naturalist trying to include with their notebook. There’s one thing brand brand new, various and exciting every of the year at Goldstream Park month.

Goldstream’s numerous tracks criss-cross through the significantly various surface of two vegetation that is distinct. The park houses 600-year-old Douglas fir woods and western red cedar, combined with western yew and hemlock, red alder, big leaf maple and cottonwood that is black. In the drier ridges site site site visitors are able to find flowering dogwood, lodgepole pine and arbutus. The arbutus, featuring its dense leathery evergreen makes, red-dish trunk and peeling bark, is Canada’s just broad-leafed evergreen and it is discovered solely on Vancouver Island as well as on the southwest shore of British Columbia. Into the springtime and very early summer time, Goldstream overflows with colourful wildflowers, including the shade-loving western trillium plus the calypso, a delicate orchid for the mossy woodland glades.

Tracks start around easy, wheelchair-accessible walks to strenuous hikes and track along creeks, through forested uplands and past abandoned gold diggings through the times of the Gold Rush. More adventurous hikers can climb up to your top of just one associated with the greatest points in Greater Victoria – Mount Finlayson, an addition that is recent the park. Another path leads one to stunning Niagara Falls, which cascades 47.5 metres down a stone cliff in to a crystal clear canyon pool below.

The park can be the website of a yearly chum salmon spawning run, which attracts several thousand salmon – and site site site site visitors – every 12 months. Riverside tracks and observation platforms offer extraordinary possibilities to treat this phenomenon that is natural that also appeals to Bald eagles, whom swoop right down to devour the figures associated with the spawned out salmon.

Park naturalists can be found in the Freeman King Visitor Center, that provides interpretive programs and informative lectures in regards to the area’s normal history for people and teams. The park additionally features a sizable area that is picnic shelters, in addition to automobile available camping and team web internet web web web sites.

This park has a small concession managed by the park operator for your convenience during the summer season.

Park Size: 477 hectares (454 ha upland, 23 ha foreshore)

Unique Features

  • Goldstream Park houses waterfalls, including Niagara Falls, which at 47.5 metres is nearly at high as the famous namesake, and Goldstream Falls, a tiny waterfall positioned when you look at the southwest part associated with park close to the campground.
  • Goldstream can also be area of the Nanaimo Lowlands Ecosection as well as the Coastal Douglas Fir Biogeoclimatic Zone. The park hosts Garry that is small oak, arbutus, and Douglas fir woods – a few more than 600 years old.
  • The park protects an amount of red and blue listed types of plants and creatures, including unusual wildflowers and plant types for instance the Dense Spike Primrose and also the Pacific Waterleaf. It protects different reptiles and amphibians and plays role that is major conserving the Goldstream River salmon run.

Know Prior To Going

Remain Safe

Warning – Riverbank and Cliff Hazards

This park has waterfalls that are large strong currents along with other dangers. Creek and riverbanks can be quite slippery. Keep away from riverbank and cliff sides. Leaping from bridges or cliffs is forbidden.

Warning – usually do not try to get a cross the highway

There isn’t any access that is pedestrian the eastern and west edges of Goldstream Provincial Park, bisected by the Trans-Canada Highway.